Import project for free node deployment

Hi, I was working on a project a few weeks ago but then deleted the app. I kept the source though. I tried to recreate the app now using the web form. I named it exactly the same as the last time. I then selected a “Blank” app template and opened the app in Mendix Studio Pro. I copied over all the files from the backup folder into the project folder (except .svn and .mendix-cache) and overwrote the existing files. I then tested and commited the changes. I am able to start the project locally from within the studio pro. Also, the “Preview” mode of the Mendix Studio also works.  I now want to deploy it but only the following image shows: Also, “Run” from within the Mendix Studio Pro is grayed out:   What is a SprintrProject ? Can I fix this? What is the right way to import old sources?   (using Mendix 8.4.0)
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Hi Tobias,

Sprintr Project not found probably means in here the project is deleted or removed and now you are not able to find it.

You can check if the source folder contains .mpr file and open it with mendix version selector.

In future you should always create a .mpk or .mda file so that you just need to import it and use it.