No permission to read or write entity , check security!

Guys, I am stuck with a rather strange issue or maybe a known problem. Error Message – No permission to read or write entity SIEE_CL_I01082_INVOICE_SRV.InvoiceData, check security! Cannot read property 'isPersistable' of undefined Here SIEE_CL_I01082_INVOICE_SRV is my Module name and InvoiceData is the entity. This was auto created by the SAP Model generator tool. Now my application works perfectly in Local environment. But when I deploy it on Cloud I am getting this error. I am getting data from SAP, I checked with the SAP team and the request is sent to them and it also sends a response back. I am clueless now. Please let me know if you need any additional details on this.  
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Have you got security turned on locally? If not, turn it on by going to the project security settings.

It sounds like you may be developing without security locally, but when you deploy to the Cloud security is being applied. In this case the fix is to turn on local security to Production level. From there you’ll need set the security of each module. The documentation explains how to do this in more detail.

Hope this helps