Native template Git is not a template

Hi! I am trying to build my project (free app) to deploy. In order to do this, I have followed the instructions on this page: However, each time I try to run the native-builder.exe prepare [...] command, I get the following error: What am I doing wrong? I also noticed that the mendix/native-template is not marked as a template in GitHub at all. Might that be the issue?
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Hi Femke,

Did you follow the steps from where it says :

“This warning is part of App Center’s security policy.  
4. Visit App Center’s dashboard to see your applications created by the Native Builder …..” 


  • it helped me running the commandline interface CLI as an administrator, but that looks like a different issue. 
  • make sure all constants/names are exactly matching… like CamelCasing and spaces…


It's all still a bit error prone is our experience...