Error during CF push process

Hi, I have recently upgrade to Mendix Studio Pro 8.5 and I did several changes in my project. Yesterday I have reached the point to update the app version. So, I am created a new development package and tried to push the app via cloud foundry to Mindsphere. But the push process failed with a staging error see picture below. It’s still possible to push older development packages. And I am still wondering why the trace is showing one cell with a cryptic ID. Is there an opportunity to find the root cause of this new cell entry?  Thanks and regards Ingo
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Hi Ingo,

your question is not easy to answer, but in prinzipial Mendix 8.5 is working on MindSphere. Please try out the following:

- Increase your ‘disk_quota’ in your manifest.yml file, as you can’t compress your build artifact that is the most likely one.

- Delete your application with ‘cf delete <app-name> and push it again.

- In Mendix Studio Pro clean your deployment folder and build the app again.


I also faced issues with the new Mendix version, where I have to reboot my complete PC (but this was with 8.4.x, but I am not sure if this is fixed).

Hope this is helping




Hi Stefan,

thanks for your quick and helpful reply. I have deleted the old app, pushed the new version and now the new app version is running 😊. I have set the disk quota in the past to the maximum size, so it was no option to increase the value.

Thanks and regards,