For implementing Mendix with camunda where I need to store camunda Bpmn file?

Hi Guys, In my mendix application I need to call a camunda BPMN workflow. For that, I’m checking a loan approval application in camunda where they using a spring boot application for running the workflow. Also they need to save the BPMN workflow in “src/main/resources/ ” location. In the runtime camunda fetching the workflow from that location and generate the process. Now, in my case when I deployed my application in Eclipse it creates a Normal Java Project ( Not creating spring boot application). So for that I added multiple jar files which were in the spring boot application as Maven dependencies. Now i can start camunda workflow from eclipse. But the problem I’m facing is where I put the BPMN workflow in the eclipse directory. I also checked it by putting the BPMN workflow file in themes folder of my mendix project but, it’s not working. Please guys help me out of this issue.
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you can put any file you want to deploy together with your application in the /resources folder of your mendix project.

From java you can get that path via: Core.getConfiguration().getResourcesPath()

I don’t know enough about Camunda to help you further there.

regards, Fabian