Add attributes to current user

I am trying to deploy a mendix application across multiple sites. Thus is have become necessary to direct users based on the site they are assigned as well as save the site that they are in to any data entry.  To accomplish this I have attempted to add a “site” attribute to the [%currentUser%] but it seems I can’t do this without having to change the System.User entity but that doesn’t seem like a good idea.  Is there a way I can add user info to current users?  
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In that case you should not be working with the System.User entity but with a specialisation of System.User.

If your using the standard Administration module there will already be an Administration.Account entity and the included user management pages in that module will also work with Accounts. You can simply extend Account with any attributes you need there.

In a microflow you can always cast a User to its specialisation if needed.

regards, Fabian


You could retrieve the acount of the current user and make a reference from there to your site entity. Because that entity you can influance.