Create a new App based on an existing one?

Good morning! I would like to take one of the apps that I have in my list and create a new one from it. Goal is basically to throw out modules that I do not need for the new project and build on top of the old one. Anyone knows the steps to upload an existing app as ‘template’ for a new one to version control? I tried to duplicate the app folder locally and upload that one to version control. Of course it is already version controlled, so I have to remove the existing local from version control as well as rename the new project to avoid mistakes downstream :) Yes,  I could export & import the modules, but I am interested if there is a good option that I am missing here Cheers! :)
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Use tortoise svn to export a non-versioned copy of the project

This trick I learned from Georg 


For completeness, I am going to show the next steps after Exporting the project as shown by Andrej:

Open your exported project, Navigate:

Chose the name of the new project and hit OK :)


Edit: I named my Project ‘ExportedNewProject’. Here is what I ended up with. Exactly what I was hoping for ;)