How to let the apk of Native App known the production server’s url

Dear friends, I am developed a App with Mendix 8.5.  Now i want to package app to apk to install.   after install and opening in android mobile, it show connection errors. Refer to online doc not found the server url setting.: My question is: When development, I run my project and open it with Make it Native, it is OK. But, when deploy in production model,   the backend must be deployed on another server. After build the app to APK,  the App client doesn’t know the server address. I didn’t find out where and which step to setting this url.  My case:   Not use Mendix Cloud,   my server will deploy on ourself server.    Yes, we can make sure app can reach the server from outside. The core questions is : How to let the apk known the production server’s url?   Many thanks in andvanced Haiji      
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If you are using you local machine to connect your APK then you should use the IP address in your command , similar to the one when you launch the Make it native app on local.


For creating an APK the prepare command should point to the Mendix runtime , if its on Premise ( Mendix service console) > configurations  use the address in “Public application root URL”  .