How to differentiate the Live (Production ) environment and Test environment in mendix dynamically

Hi How to differentiate the live environment and test environment  in mendix  like the one which we do in java projects using properties file . I am having test environment and production environment , i am using Rest API Calls  while developing and after development and testing is over i have to deploy my application in Live (Production) Environment using the actual Rest API calls . So there are many places i have to change so what is he best way to implement this in mendix .  
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I'm gaving a bit of trouble understanding exactly what you mean, but I can imagine you're referring to the fact that you need to work with different configurations for different environments. What I usually see in these cases is that the so-called constants are being used. With these constants you can assign specific values for a setting per environment.

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These constants can be set per environment, either in the environment settings within the Mendix portal when the app is deployed in the Mendix cloud, or by editing the environment's corresponding yaml file when deployed on-premise.