Deploy Your First Mendix Native App

Hi  all: When I deploy a native app, the tutorial is very cool, and I have successfully built an Android APK package. I'm very happy, but the tutorial only mentions how to use the native builder of Windows version and build it with the App Center website. I have the following questions to ask you. First, is there only the Native Builder of Windows version at present? Is there a native builder for Linux / Unix? Second: is the App Center an exclusive platform for mendix cooperation? Is there any other similar platform available? What's the difference between it and phonegap? My understanding is that the construction cooperation platform of native app is App Center, and the construction platform of hybrid app is phonegap. I don't know whether the understanding is correct?  Third:Step by step through the tutorial to build the native app, then how can I automatically build these steps instead of step by step? Do you have any good suggestions for automated building
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