Configuration or Form based on settings

Hi  We need to create a template and reuse the template for other projects.  My configuration must be in settings file or form-based. For connecting Database and API connection is two different modules, site name, image, logo, etc... I need to place all the configuration in one place. for eg DATABASE URL, Username, password, similarly API URL and API key and Secret Key all in one place either form-based or file-based configuration instead of module setting. it ll be easy when we manage more than 10 modules. Currently, I am doing all this normal way and need to change multiple places so I need to make all this multiple module configuration into one form or file. is it possible?  Gopi
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Could you not create a module out of it so you can export that module and import it in the other projects? This way you only have to change one module and update that module in the other projects.





If you are using the Mendix Cloud, then you can just add constants to store your values. That way, when you deploy to an environment, you can set all the constants in one place and don’t have to work about maintaining things in the modeler.

MNow, what to do if you have a lot of different cloud environments? Then you are in luck. Mendix has an API that allows you to make settings for every environment:

environment settings

You can maintain a file in whatever technology you choose that holds these settings. You can then build a mechanism that makes REST calls to set the settings for whatever environment you choose. You will need to find a technology to call REST, but you can set this up however you want and use whatever file you choose.