Mendix Rapid Developer Chapter 7.7.2

Hi Community, I am following the Rapid Developer course and I am at chapter 7.7.2 (Run, Test, Crash) where I am stuck at the moment. When I run the packet locally, I get a notification pop up of the many (38) errors I have. These errors have to do with Hotel pictures and Google Maps that is not working. The thing is I dont no where these objects are comming from, because i have downloaded de resources from chapter 7 itself. Chapter 7 is not talking about Hotels whatsoever.   So I hope you guys/gals can help me?   Thanks!
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Do you have a module Atlas_UI_Resources? If not download it from the appstore. This module contains layouts whith Hotel_Detail and Dashboard_Hotel. So I guess these errors might come from having an old Atlas_UI_Resource module or that this module is missing. Google maps can also be downloaded from the appstore.

If this does not help edit your post with a screenshot of the errors. Note that when you click on the error the modeler will jump to the location of the error.