Unable to deploy - the app is already being deployed. Please wait....

Hello fellow Mendix users, My app is trying to deploy to the Mendix cloud and I’m constantly notified that ‘the app is already being deployed...’ I began the process of requesting a new node but there is a question – “Data fallback environment” which is already selected “No”.   My questions are, do I leave it as No? What does “Data fallback environment” mean? I don’t want to lose any data as the app is packed with info. Thank you all and be safe. Mendix version 7.23.12
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Hi Angelo,

As of my understanding, data fallback is a failover server that will be activated if your cloud hosted server fails for some reason. According to pricing on Mendix website this is only available for enterprise license. If you have enterprise licence than can select ‘yes’ else ‘no’. 


Hope this helps!