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Import and export stories to and from Mendix Epics (the new beta feature of Sprintr)


I would like to import stories for initially setting up a project and export stories for incremental reporting on project progress in whatever necessary form.


As of today (11-10-2022) Epics is completely self-contained, lacking any import/export or integration features. A relative simple solution where creating story objects with a few attributes (Title, Description, Epic, Tags) is allowed via an import would already provide value to me (and I believe also for others to adopt the feature).

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I very much support Rini’s question here. I can’t speak for Rini, of course, but I can share my thoughts on this.

At the moment I would value the import/export (mostly export) for 2 main reasons:

  1. Epics is currently still in Beta. Which effectively means that I stand to lose data if you decide to make some changes that break existing functionality. I want to be able to “rescue” the work we’ve put into Epics by exporting my work to an Excel.
  2. I would like to have an API available so I can combine information from multiple projects in one overview. At the moment Epics works in a ‘per project’ system. We will have situations where our teams our working on multiple projects in one sprint and we need to be able to:
    1. assign stories to the correct project whilst
    2. combine those stories in one sprint overarching the different project.


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Hi Rini, we are thinking about the best solution for that right now. Just to understand the problem better, could you please share a bit more about the situation(s) in which you need import and export?


When/why do you find yourself importing stories and from which tool? What do you normally do when preparing reports and what would make your life easier there?