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Mendix Epics - Make it possible to paste images in story comments


It’s not a big feature but if you want to compete with Jira it should be possible to paste images into a story comment, just like you can paste images here in this forum description:


I like to create documentation about the story with several screenshots and at the moment I have to create a Word document and add it to the story. While in Jira and yes, even in this description, I can just paste images.

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Unfortunately, I cannot say yet. The widget we are using for text editor in Epics does not support this behavior, so we are currently investigating whether we can make use of the new Rich Text Editor that just got released yesterday and maybe combine it with another small widget to get the result both you and I really want.


I know it's been a long wait, I'm really sorry about that. Will keep you posted!


Hello together, I would also be very interested in this feature. Also not only posting picutres in comments but also being able to paste screenshots directly in the story description (in the text). Right now we always have to reference to attachment 1,23... which makes reading the story and writing it much more complicated.


When can we expect something? 


Is there any update?


Love that idea! We actually considered it before, but had to drop it in the interest of time and building other higher priority features. I'll add it to our 2023 roadmap and keep you posted :)


Great idea. Given that in the forum this is possible, hopefully it would be added quickly at Epics!