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Sprint retropsecitves


It would be great to have the ability to record and manage retrospectives at the end of each sprint allowing feedback to be given and voted on.  It would also be great to have the ability to take forward feedback as a stroy into a future sprint

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Hi Jelena.  Each sprint has a retrospective board which effectively has cards for feedback on the sprint split into columns for what Went Well, What Didn't Go Well, What Could We Do Differently. 


Team members add cards to the board and then the team get up to five votes in support of the feedback items given.  The team then review the cards at the sprint retrospective to help he team to continuously improve.  Items can then be turned into stories, if needed, for follow up actions.  The cards themselves are just text boxes to record the feedback on the sprint




Hi Dene & Vlad, when you say you would like to record and manage retrospectives, what would that entail exactly? How do you normally do retrospectives now and what format is that in? Also, what kind of information should be added?


I concur!