How can I export at least the stories in my application? They are in epics

The documentation on epics does not indicate how to export/import user stories in epics.  Normal user stories are exported/imported to/from excel.   I have looked, and have been unable to find a way to do it. Any suggestions?   My use case: my project’s backlog was created in the “Epics” area of an application that we thought was going to be our production application.   My plan was to export my user stories (and epics if possible) and import them into the new application.   The application has now changed to a new application.   We have to change to a different application, and I need to bring our stories, epics and sprints over to the new application.   Please, please: don’t tell me that those stories are trapped in the application where they were created.
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Hi Carlos,


I would use the Stories API for that.


You can make a Mendix Application that would store all the Stories from any of your Apps, and export them using Excel.


If you get stuck doing this I can help you. You can mail me at


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