Permission Denied 403 on Project management section for invited users

I am currently evaluating the free version, particularly its team management feature. However, even after assigning a user the Scrum Master role, whenever they navigate to the Project Management → Epics page, they encounter the following '403' error: ” Permission Denied (403) You know you can’t do it… But if you didn’t, that’s ok. Please check our Help Center or try asking around in the Forum how you can get permission to access this page. ”   It's important to note that the original creator of the project has complete access to the entire Project Management section. However, other users invited to the project continuously encounter the '403 Permission Denied' error, regardless of their Scrum Master role, which should theoretically provide them with all necessary privileges. Have I overlooked something?
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Hi. from support I got the suggestion to leave the project and re-add the account. This solved the problem for me.