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Edgeshark v2.5.0 released


It has been a while since we last released a new version of Edgeshark for the Industrial Edge, but finally we've got important bug fixes and cool new features for you Industrial Edge app developers and device users. https://github.com/siemens/edgeshark/releases/latest




Individually select/deselect the network interfaces of a container to capture from in one go. Please note that for technical reasons you still need to run separate Wireshark sessions in parallel if you need to capture from multiple containers at the same time. Please see the online documentation (linked above to) for details. Simply press or tap the double-fin toggle (2) so it turns solid; at the same time, the fin buttons next to network interfaces in the container turn into check boxes (3). Select the interfaces you want to capture from, then tap on the newly appeared single fin capture button next to the double-fin toggle to start the capture.




Filter the containers shown in the wiring and details views: as your (development) IED gets busier, you might want to filter out the stuff that distracts you. Just press Ctrl+f or the "/" (slash) key, this opens the sidebar and places your text cursor in a filter pattern field. Enter a substring to match, or switch on regular expression matching and punch in your favorite regexp master piece.






  1. fixed capturing from a single network interface erroneously capturing from all network interfaces of a container (or host) instead; this thankfully has been reported by containerlab community members. Make sure to also upgrade your Wireshark cshargextcap plugin!
  2. fixed vertical wiring layout that didn't correctly pack as much wires into the same lane as possible.
  3. fixed UI crash on encountering VxLAN network interfaces.
  4. fixed VxLAN network interfaces disappearing in the UI when acting as a virtual bridge port.


great to see you are driving this awesome tool forward ;) unfortunately the Link to Gitlab does not work (404). Can you doublecheck please?

Ah, thank you very much for finding and reporting this! It's fixed now, it should have been "releases" instead of "release".