📣 Recap of Siemens and Weidmüllers Trade Fair Appearance at SPS 2023 🤝 - Mendix Forum

📣 Recap of Siemens and Weidmüllers Trade Fair Appearance at SPS 2023 🤝


We're thrilled to share the exciting highlights from Siemens and Weidmüller's recent trade fair appearance! Together, we showcased the seamless integration of our ecosystems, leaving customers amazed and inspired for a open automation future.


At the heart of this collaboration, Weidmüller, known for their innovative operating u-OS, successfully integrated the Siemens Industrial Edge Core as valuable extension for customers. This breakthrough integration enabled Weidmüller to become a part of the Siemens Industrial Edge Platform, enabling an unprecedented level of cooperation.


Customers were delighted to witness firsthand how both systems worked harmoniously side by side. The ability to effortlessly combine Weidmüller's device-building expertise with the power of Siemens Industrial Edge Core left a lasting impression on attendees.


The overwhelming consensus among customers was that open ecosystems, like the one demonstrated by Siemens and Weidmüller, are the way forward for the automation industry. The potential for seamless collaboration and expanded possibilities is truly remarkable.


Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as Siemens and Weidmüller continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the automation industry! 🚀



Source: LinkedIn Post