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App Release: Modbus TCP Connector V3.0.0


Dear Industrial Edge Enthusiast,


I am happy to announce that Modbus TCP Connector 3.0.0 was released on Industrial Edge Marketplace. The new version is based on the Connectivity Suite framework and can support up to 40k tags per second and 20 PLC connections.  


Breaking Changes:

  1. New version will be like any other update version, so already configured tags will be available but user needs to open it in Common Configurator and deploy again

  2. To keep publishing to the data bus, the Databus Gateway has to be installed. All tags, which should be published there, need to have the flag "Publish on Databus" set to true. 

  3. Topics published in Databus will be changed to timeseries model

    Topic in V2.1: ie/d/j/simatic/v1/mbtcp1/dp/r/<connection-name>/default​
    Topic in V3.0: ie/d/j/simatic/v1/mbtcp1/dp/r/<connection-name>/<acquisition-cycle>




For any further information please get in touch with your customer support team.