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Industrial Information Hub Release 1.9.0


I am happy to announce, that we have released the Industrial Information Hub version 1.9.0.


What is new? 

- you can now retrieve the current configuration of any connector and retrieve auto configured tags from the connector if available. 

- companion spec loading for OPC has been depreciated. You can simply add them as any OPC file without difference. 

- update of namespaces is now possible. 

- mapping and transformation now shows valid matches and more detailed feedback if a mapping was successfull has been implemented. 

- licencing statistics are now shown in the overview page. 

- the knowledge graph UI has been made more performant and cleaned up. The workflow to create queries has been improved. 

- native array support in IIH OPCUA server from GRPC and IEDatabus

- all events raised from OPC source servers are now also raised by IIH

- support of OPCUA Server Security policy and user token authentication

- Users of IIH can now update and add/delete nodes from already loaded namespaces by making a new file upload. 


Big shoutout to the team to making this happen and the Product Portfolio Manager Ender Yuezbasioglu.







Thx, for sharing the new features of Industrial Information hub.