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Industrial Edge Virtual Device (IEVD) Release V1.16.1


I am happy to announce, that we have uploaded the recently released Industrial Edge Virtual Device V1.16.1 to the IE Hub.


What is new?

The main changes in IEVD are as follows:

• Default memory (RAM) size of VM was increased to 4 GB.

• Resource management - Allowing app developers to request the isolation (exclusive assignment) of CPU, NIC resources to specific application.

• Fixed a bug where WebUI gives 503 Service Unavailable after upgrading to 1.14.1-1.

• Fixed a bug where Logging and Monitoring settings may be sporadically lost.


The IEVD is based on the version of Industrial Edge Device Kit (IEDK) 1.16.1-1 that may contain new features which can be relevant for your use case.


Please refer to the manual in SIOS for further information.



Please make sure that the Common Configurator app (if used) has the version 1.9.0 or higher on your device, before you update your IEVD to the version 1.16.1.