Happy virtual Christmas Everyone (..with IEM Virtual 2.0) - Mendix Forum

Happy virtual Christmas Everyone (..with IEM Virtual 2.0)


This Christmas is virtual!

(and not because of covid 🙂)


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With RT26 and the release of Mendix on Edge, we also brought a new Edge Management Offering: 

The “Industrial Edge Management Virtual” incubation release is out  🎁.


The perfect tool if you want to get started with Industrial Edge 🌟

  1. It’s Easy and does not require a big upfront Invest 👉 🚫 💰💰🧠.
  2. It is equipped with a set-up assistant, guiding especially new users through the provisioning process - no guesswork needed. 🙌
  3. Available as a Virtual Appliance and importable it into VMware Workstation or ESXi servers, it is ensuring you start off with the right system configuration. 🖥️

Stay tuned as we enhance robustness, usability, and maintainability with each new release 🌐✨ … and make it available for everyone soon.


Find some more infos here:



Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Everyone!