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Dear IE Developer Community,


❗️We are writing to bring your attention to a critical issue with Docker Engine 25.0, which we strongly recommend avoiding until further notice. It has come to our attention that there are problems with processing images in IEM built by this specific engine version.


💡These issues will lead to failures while uploading applications to the management system. We are working on a fix and will deliver it with the next release.


📍For additional information and updates, please visit our official documentation or follow our Forum We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


❤️Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Best regards,



Industrial Edge


I still have this bug with IEM v1.16.11 and Docker v26.0.0.

I tried with custom app and hello-world app from edge github. I use App Publisher v1.15.8 on windows.

Error msg: invalid image. at the Process Images step of the upload.

Hi sorry Pascal, just updated the comment. There was a confusion on my side.

Hi community, the bug is fixed with IEM Version 1.17.10