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Dear Perfomance Insight developers,


I suggest to change Gantt graph to make it more user-friendly. Example below:

1. Add possibility to change width of columns - it`s not possible to see full text.

2. Add pop-up on text hover - to see full text.

3. Scroll doesn`t work (large number of lines) - it’s possible to use only really narrow slider on right side.

4. Add possibility to change value for selected time period:

After clicking CHANGE button can be selection list from Status mapping for that dashboard. CHANGE button available only for specified Role like - not for standard user.


General to app:

1. Add possibility to add/delete assets - some of them are not used and it`s not necessary to show all of them.


By the way, "Give us feedback" link in the right top corner doesn`t work - "404 Not found".


Is that possible to implement?


My Performance Insight: V1.16.1

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Duplicate - please refer to this entry.