Industrial Edge Management (IEM) error: Application name already exists

I am executing an application upgrade scenario in IEM and getting error as “Application name already exists”. I am doing steps as below: 1.    Latest version application i.e. “BOPEX” app file available to install 2.    Login to IEM 3.    Existing IEM has same application with lower version 4.    Select App Project and Unpublish current live app which is available in Catalog tab 5.    Open Catalog tab and check application. Application not shows in Catalog 6.    Now click  Import application button from Catalog and browse latest version App file 7.    Confirm Import button 8.    After some time, I am getting error as “Application name already exists”.   Query - 1.  Am I doing the correct steps? 2.    How will a user upgrade the existing installed application? Please check and support.
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Hi Julia,

as you have uploaded your application as an App Project application, you are not allowed to import an application with the same name via the Catalog again.


To clarify, the error message "Application name already exists" directly indicates that there is another application installed on your IEM, but with a distinct application ID.

If your intention is to upload an updated version of the same application, it's important to ensure that you create a new version specific to that particular app. The related iectl command can be located in the documentation.


App Project apps vs. Catalog apps:

  • App Project apps are user-specific. You can share those apps with a selected group of people. If you want to share a specific app version with all IEM users, you can publish (/unpublish) it to the Catalog.
  • Catalog apps are not user-specific. That implies that every user in the IEM can see your uploaded apps in the Catalog tab. Catalog apps can be installed from IE Hub, uploaded via the IE App Publisher, IE Control (IECTL) or directly via the Import Application button in the IEM UI.

You need to consider your app type when uploading your app the first time.