Industrial Edge Control: Problem when trying to install application to an IED with specific configuration file.

There is an application in my catalog. In the web UI, when I install the app to an IED, I will import a configuration from local. Now I want to implement it with “iectl” as following command: iectl iem job batch-create \ --appid "$appID" \ --operation "installApplication" \ --infoMap {"devices":["$deviceID"]} The question is how can I import a local configuration file with this command? The description of  “infoMap” in the help makes me very confused. 
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the correct syntax in your case should be like this: 


iectl iem job batch-create --appid <appID> --files "<path-to-file>" --infoMap '{"configs":[{"configId":"<config-id>","fileId":"<filename>"}],"devices":[<device-id>]}' --operation installApplication


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