Manage Volumes in Industry Edge Device Web UI

I use volume feature to share data and configuration files between containers in Edge system. About the volumes in "Management" - "Application Volumes" in IED Web UI.   Issue: Why ALL volumes in the docker container do display in IED Web UI ? Does Siemens Industry Edge has a feature to hide the given volume in IED Web UI? For example, volume "sensorsize_xx-sensor-config-configurator" and the service files in it display in the IED Web UI. I hope my customer should not see them in the UI. BUT, customer really see the volume and its service files.   Desired: I hope my customers or developers should NOT see the given volume in the IED Web UI. For example, The volume "sensorsize_xx-sensor-config-configurator" has some important files shared with other containers and I hope we can hide this volume in the UI.   Environment: IEM: 1.11.8 IED: pied-1.13.0-4-b-rc1 IEAP: 1.8.3      
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All App Volumes (Docker Volumes and Bind Mount) are shown in the IED UI. Hiding them is not possible to configure. 

May I ask, why would it be important for you to hide them? If there is a valid reason we could consider this feature demand for future versions.