Databus Application Not Available Page Issue

We are trying to install and use Databus and Databus Configurator applications with our IEM and IEDs. However, we are unable to reach to the interface of “Databus Configurator” on IEM. Also, we couldn’t find any additional information about this issue on the documentation. We would like to reach below interface given below   This is the image from the documentation which we would like to reach   This picture represents what we get   Databus Configurator: V 2.2.0-4 Databus: V 2.2.0-3 IEMA Version: 1.13.10   If you need any additional information, please feel free to ask us. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hi Muhammed,

to work with the Databus, you need to open the Data Connections on your Industrial Edge Management.

You can find it in the left menu bar as shown in the picture below

After clicking on the Databus tile, you are selecting your device on which you want the databus to configurate.

After the Launch the page is being loaded, where you can see the menu, where you can configurate everything.

Hope this answer helps you.