How to Get Edge Device Info such as Product Version and Product Serial Number in Docker Container

Requirement I hope to get the Edge device information such as product version and product Serial Number in the docker container.   Issue At present I just mount the Edge device host path /sys/class/dmi/id  to the docker container to get the target info. But I think it is not secure and not very good.   ... configurator: image: configurator:0.2.0-1 volumes: - sys-info:/opt/configurator/etc/config/sys-info volumes: sys-info: driver: local driver_opts: o: bind type: none device: /sys/class/dmi/id   Desired Does Edge device provide API or similar function to do this ? Or is there any more secure method to get device information in a container in the Edge?   Thanks~
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there is NO public API endpoint which enables to provide such information. We have internally 1 solution which is basically performing the same operation as with your application.