Connectivity details for the Edge SaaS solution

We have a customer who very soon will be using our Edge Management SaaS solution. They are asking for connectivity details, like the one we have for the ISO Solution “IEM V1” see following. They will need to know what ports should be open in their firewall and more. Can somebody support with a similar document just for the SaaS solution?
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Thank you for your question! We currently don't have a similar document for the IEM Cloud available.
We will work on updating the documentation website and security guidelines.

Since the IEM Cloud is based on the IEM V2, all communication should go through Port 443. The URL that needs to be accessible is based on your IEM instance name and your organization name. You can find it in the Hub, after creating the instance.



IEM V2.0 has not integrate NTP Server. This means also IEM Cloud (SaaS) does not offer that. This means you need an external NTP Server to synchronize the time of the IED. The synchronization of IEM Cloud will be taken care of


Thank you for your response.

The customer has until now used IEM V1 DNS based solution where following ports were important. UDP port 123 for NTP, TCP port 32500 for relay server and TCP port 443. Will ports for NTP and relay server be the same?

The reason why the customer is asking, is that they need to prepare their customers for the SaaS solution.

I am looking forward to the updated document.