IED Logging & Monitoring issue (Syslog destination)

Dear supporter,   I would like to clarify if the name in the "syslog_message_key" (for Syslog destination configuration in Logging & Monitoring IED functionality) is the name of metrics or the name of fields itself.   We are able to make the configuration work with metrics log with syslog_message_key=log, but when we choose, for example, the metrics cpu with syslog_message_key=used, then the delivered message is empty. So it is when we try setting the name of the metrics instead, i.e., syslog_message_key=cpu Unfortunately, in the case of the system log, the metric name (tag) and the field name are the same, so we are not really sure.   Thanks.   Best regards, Petr
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Hi Petr,  The `syslog_message_key` field should use `used` ( coming from cpu metrics data ) if you want get cpu data.  


The  format of “…...System.cpu” , was a json format data , e.g. 

The syslog output would use one of ( only one ) field  in the json data  as syslog message.   So that,  you can pick up the `used`  or `free` or others. but  only one of them.  


BTW,  using syslog for cpu numerical value was not a good idea.  Maybe better try influxdb, postgres, or others. 


    "irq": 0,
    "date": 1684471422.533875,
    "free": 96.296295,
    "idle": 96.296295,
    "nice": 0,
    "used": 3.7037036,
    "user": 2.4691358,
    "count": 4,
    "guest": 0,
    "steal": 0,
    "iowait": 0,
    "ipAddr": "",
    "system": 1.2345679,
    "softirq": 0,



And the 


The Data source : “System”, the metrics: cpu , the output  look like this, 



and syslog server side like this , 



Hi Liu, 


So Syslog destination is advised to be used only for log metrics from the data source System or one of the IED apps (along with the field log)?


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