SIMATIC S7 Connector V2.0.0 - opinion about the update

Dear producer, I am so sorry that I must say it, but I really consider the latest V2.0.0 release of SIMATIC S7 Connector to be somehow problematic. I haven't understood why the S7 Connector app "tries to convert configuration automatically to a new format [suitable for Common Configurator edge app]". Would it have been so hard to run the function/procedure (inside the underlying programming code) handling the automatic conversion only after checking that the Common Configurator app had already been installed on a given edge device? Basically, we have had to install two unnecessary apps on the edge device only due to this "don't bother to check if the Common Configurator is installed 'bug'". Well, we might consider migrating from Common Connector Configurator app to Common Configurator one in the future, but for now, this "bug" only makes things more complex.... Best regards, Petr    
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Hi Petr,


I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling with the V2.0.0 release of SIMATIC S7 Connector.
With the new version of SIMATIC S7 Connector the config schema of the connector itself was changed. This change is unrelated whether the Common Configurator is installed on the device or not. 

As there were only minor changes to Common Connector Configurator this means that the configurator deploys a configuration file to the connector in the old schema which is kind of legacy now. Therefore this old schema needs to be converted to the new one to be actually applied on the connector.


Therefore to work with V2.0.0 you require Registry Service and Common Import Converter being installed on the Device additionally.