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We are starting to build some Apps for ARM and some questions were raised: 1. Which exact architectures are relevant? My current knowledge is: linux/arm64/v8 or (arm64v8 for short) 2. For the naming of the ARM I would call it "S7+ Connector (arm64v8)" to distinguish from arm64v9 and amd64. Is there an official rule for the naming? 3. How to assign the AppId? Can I use the same AppId for the amd64 and the arm64v8 App? 4. We will use arm64v8/debian:bookworm-slim as base image. Do the current arm IED OS support bookworm? 5. Will there be a multiarch App and image support by SDEX/Hub/IEM/IED in future? If yes, how does the migration path look like, e.g. beginning with buying the product or merging the different products to one product? 6. What are the RAM and disk restrictions on the devices (e.g. no SSD, only 2 or 4GB RAM)? ...   You see, I have a lot of questions and I am looking for a HowTo and/or FAQ which answers them  
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Dear Michael,

1. ARMv8 also known as ARM64 or aarch64, other ARM architectures as long as they are backward compatible.

2. There is no official rule for naming, I would label only the ARM variant of the App. I think a differentiation in ARMv8 and ARMv9 is not needed since v9 is backward compatible. A recommendation: "S7+ Connector (arm64)"

3. The application id needs to be different, as only one architecture per App is supported. The app needs to be handled as a complete separate app with unique app id and repository name.

4. Yes debian:bookworm is supported by IED OS.

5. At the moment 2 separated Apps for each architecture are needed.  Yes, there will be a mulitarch support in future, the migration, licensing, etc. needs to be clarified. Also a lot of software components and toolset needs to be changed for this .

6. The first ARM device IOT2050 will have ARM Cortex A53 CPU, 2 GB DDR4 RAM, 16 GB eMMC.

If you have any further questions just paste them here.