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Is anyone having weird behavior with databus in being able to set credentials and instantiate it?   Essentially I have been having issues getting the Kubernetes IEM to see databus from data connections (no app found) and because apps like external databus can't be seen on IIH common configurator I basically am dead in the water using external databus. I haven't tried IECTL yet I am reporting this as an issue I have seen multiple times trying to set up a system. It seemed to work better last iteration (12.4?) The problem appears to be. Where is databus configurator for the Kubernetes IEM? I just spun up the ISO one and noticed that it's not on the Kubernetes version.  
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Hello Caleb,

thanks for your question.

If I get you right you have struggles using/ installing the Databus Configurator, right?

Before being able to use the Databus Configurator you need to install the configurator first.

To do this please follow those steps:

- Open the Launchpad

- Go to Application Manager

- Go to Catalog of the Application Manager

- Choose Databus configurator and start installation


I hope those steps help you