FlowCreator - update/install nodes

Hello,   Has anyone encountered any troubles when implicitly updating nodes or trying to install new nodes manually into the FlowCreator v1.14.0-3? We are unable to install any nodes. It doesn't depend on the way we try to do it; both options (via the internet or by uploading the .tgz file directly) fail.   This is a part of the FlowCreator's log file: {"log":"16 Nov 12:48:28 - [info] Upgrading module: node-red-dashboard to version: 3.6.1\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:28.323466807Z"} {"log":"16 Nov 12:48:53 - [warn] Installation of module node-red-dashboard failed:\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.427281324Z"} {"log":"16 Nov 12:48:53 - [warn] ------------------------------------------\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428630318Z"} {"log":"16 Nov 12:48:53 - [warn] npm WARN config production Use `--omit=dev` instead.\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428812417Z"} {"log":"npm WARN old lockfile \n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428857584Z"} {"log":"npm WARN old lockfile The package-lock.json file was created with an old version of npm,\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428863761Z"} {"log":"npm WARN old lockfile so supplemental metadata must be fetched from the registry.\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428869061Z"} {"log":"npm WARN old lockfile \n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428874262Z"} {"log":"npm WARN old lockfile This is a one-time fix-up, please be patient...\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428879027Z"} {"log":"npm WARN old lockfile \n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428884146Z"} {"log":"npm ERR! code EBADENGINE\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428888853Z"} {"log":"npm ERR! engine Unsupported engine\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428893602Z"} {"log":"npm ERR! engine Not compatible with your version of node/npm: @azure/msal-node@1.17.3\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428898463Z"} {"log":"npm ERR! notsup Not compatible with your version of node/npm: @azure/msal-node@1.17.3\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428903729Z"} {"log":"npm ERR! notsup Required: {\"node\":\"10 || 12 || 14 || 16 || 18\"}\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428908774Z"} {"log":"npm ERR! notsup Actual:   {\"npm\":\"9.6.6\",\"node\":\"v20.2.0\"}\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-11-16T12:48:53.428926713Z"}   How can we fix this issue? Is the version of @azure/msal-node package a part of a given FlowCreator version?   We have another IED with FlowCreator v1.12.0-1 and there is no issue with updating or installing the nodes at all. Note that my colleague has mentioned that the difference between an older FlowCreator's version and a newer one is that they are based on different NodeJS.   By the way, I don't understand that there is documentation for FlowCreator v1.16.0 [doc] while in the IE HUB there is the latest version v1.15.0 ???   Thanks.   Best regards, Petr
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Hello Petr, as i can see from the logs the node that you are trying to install is somehow not compatiable with the flow creator version that you have installed. You can either update to version 1.15 or roll back to an older version and test to see if the issue persists. Regarding the documentation, you are correct; it needs adjustment. I will take care of this and share it with the relevant team.





2023-11-23T13:08:19.141Z Install : node-red-dashboard 3.6.1


2023-11-23T13:08:18.865Z npm install --no-audit --no-update-notifier --no-fund --save --save-prefix=~ --production --engine-strict node-red-dashboard@3.6.1

2023-11-23T13:08:20.205Z [err] npm

2023-11-23T13:08:20.208Z [err]  WARN

2023-11-23T13:08:20.209Z [err]  config

2023-11-23T13:08:20.209Z [err]  production Use `--omit=dev` instead.

2023-11-23T13:08:22.969Z [err] npm

2023-11-23T13:08:22.969Z [err]  WARN

2023-11-23T13:08:22.970Z [err]  old lockfile

2023-11-23T13:08:22.972Z [err] npm WARN old lockfile The package-lock.json file was created with an old version of npm,

2023-11-23T13:08:22.972Z [err] npm WARN

2023-11-23T13:08:22.973Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:22.973Z [err] old lockfile

2023-11-23T13:08:22.974Z [err]  so supplemental metadata must be fetched from the registry.

2023-11-23T13:08:22.974Z [err] npm

2023-11-23T13:08:22.974Z [err] WARN old lockfile

2023-11-23T13:08:22.974Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:22.974Z [err] npm

2023-11-23T13:08:22.975Z [err] WARN old lockfile This is a one-time fix-up, please be patient...

2023-11-23T13:08:22.975Z [err] npm

2023-11-23T13:08:22.975Z [err] WARN old lockfile

2023-11-23T13:08:34.764Z [err] npm

2023-11-23T13:08:34.764Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:34.765Z [err] ERR!

2023-11-23T13:08:34.765Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:34.766Z [err] code

2023-11-23T13:08:34.766Z [err]  EBADENGINE

2023-11-23T13:08:34.778Z [err] npm

2023-11-23T13:08:34.779Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:34.780Z [err] ERR!

2023-11-23T13:08:34.780Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:34.781Z [err] engine

2023-11-23T13:08:34.782Z [err]  Unsupported engine

2023-11-23T13:08:34.783Z [err] npm

2023-11-23T13:08:34.783Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:34.784Z [err] ERR!

2023-11-23T13:08:34.784Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:34.784Z [err] engine

2023-11-23T13:08:34.784Z [err]  Not compatible with your version of node/npm: @azure/msal-node@1.17.0

2023-11-23T13:08:34.785Z [err] npm

2023-11-23T13:08:34.786Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:34.786Z [err] ERR!

2023-11-23T13:08:34.787Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:34.787Z [err] notsup

2023-11-23T13:08:34.787Z [err]  Not compatible with your version of node/npm: @azure/msal-node@1.17.0

2023-11-23T13:08:34.787Z [err] npm

2023-11-23T13:08:34.788Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:34.788Z [err] ERR!

2023-11-23T13:08:34.788Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:34.789Z [err] notsup

2023-11-23T13:08:34.789Z [err]  Required: {"node":"10 || 12 || 14 || 16 || 18"}

2023-11-23T13:08:34.789Z [err] npm

2023-11-23T13:08:34.790Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:34.790Z [err] ERR!

2023-11-23T13:08:34.790Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:34.790Z [err] notsup

2023-11-23T13:08:34.791Z [err]  Actual:   {"npm":"9.6.6","node":"v20.2.0"}

2023-11-23T13:08:34.799Z [err]

2023-11-23T13:08:34.800Z [err] npm

2023-11-23T13:08:34.801Z [err]  

2023-11-23T13:08:34.801Z [err] ERR!

2023-11-23T13:08:34.802Z [err]  A complete log of this run can be found in: /home/node-red/.npm/_logs/2023-11-23T13_08_20_018Z-debug-0.log

2023-11-23T13:08:34.841Z rc=1


hoo node-red-dashboard 3.6.1


Well, we have made it work in this combination of versions, both updating existing nodes and installing new ones:

Flow Creator V1.15.0-2

IED Version ied-os-1.12.0-3-a (virtual edge)


while other combinations of ecosystem versions still don't work.

Flow Creator V1.15.0-2

IED Version ied-os-1.12.0-10-amd64


Flow Creator V 1.14.0-3

IED Version ied-os-1.12.0-3-a (virtual edge)