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Hi All, We are currently deploying a Mendix application through the industrial edge and access it through a URL as below, https://IPAddress/AppName normally all is fine but every now and then we receive an error as below, if we clear the cookies etc or reset the browser it works again but this will prove to be an issue as it will be deployed via kiosk mode and have no user interaction.   On inspect I can see in the network tab there are favicon.ico errors but its doesnt really teel me much about the issue it just states service-worker.js?profileKind=Responsive&LanguageCode=en_GB as the initiator.
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Hello Stephen,


I would need more information about your setup especially what version of mendix studio are you using? Are you using the Mendix Edge plugin?


Mendix in version 9 does not support reverse proxy beyond the root URL Domain which is unfortunately not the case for Industrial Edge. For single page mendix apps without login it works somehow but not stable. The reason it works is because the URL in browser is not changing.


To make it work, first to to use the Port forwarding in docker-compose. That should work smoothly.


We are currently testing if the new version of mendix 10 is supporting the reverse proxy.


See here as well.