Performance Insight Data Discontinuity Problem

Dear Community,   One of our customers is using Performance Insight and would like to see continuous data on charts. As S7 (Optimized) and OPC-UA connectors receives data with CycleOnChange acquisition mode, unless data is not changed during the specific time period, no data is displayed on charts (for all aggregation types).   I tried:  - Using S7 Connector with cycliccontinuous mode. As it does not has browse tag function, tried to add data manually and import tag data which is exported as .xml file using SIOME but failed. Also S7 Connector manual does not include enough data about how to add and import data.    - Tried to edit Acquisition Cycle Factor and Base (ie. 1 Minute) parameter under Advanced Tab of the variable in IIH Essentials (Data Service). I did consider IIH Essentials to update variable based on configured Acquisition Cycle. Did not work as well.   As a summary, customer would like store tag value on the IIH Essentials (or display on Performance Insight) - for example - with a 1 Minute period regardless of data comes from connector. Kindly request your support to solve this problem. Thanks for your support in advance. Regards.
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Hello Fatih,


currently your requirement of displaying continuous data values is not possible within Performance Insight.

If no data change occurs within the selected time range, nothing is shown. This is not an issue of IIH Essentials or the connectors, but needs to be implemented within Performance Insight. I will forward this demand to the development.


As a workaround you could increase the time frame of your dashboard, to cover possible value changes.