Anomaly Detection App - Custom Notification

Dear Community,   I have two questions about Anomaly Detection App.   1- One of our customers is using Anomaly Detection and successfully capturing anomalies and they are highly satisfied the results. They would like to trigger an action in case of any anomaly is detected. Is there any way to capture anomalies like Notifier App is doing? (Except using Notifier App API or Data Service API)   2 - Anomaly Detection offers 2 Deployment Service options as Data Service and MQTT. Is this about consuming data to feed model or publishing the anomalies?   - If about consuming data, during model creation, only data in data service is allowed to add as a variable.   - If about publishing results, application manual is not clarified how to configure MQTT related settings. Only says "If a corresponding channel (MQTT topic) cannot be found, the Data Service is automatically used."   As Anomaly Detection creates assets in data service with model name, considered to create a topic on databus with a topic name as model name but could not capture any message on databus.   Kindly need you support to clarify cases.   Regards.
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to your first point: the anomaly detection app saves the deviation values of every model in an IIH Essentials Asset, so if you want to catch the anomalies to trigger some action you would have to use the IIH Essentials API, at the moment there is no other way


to your second point: Is this about consuming data to feed model, during live detection mode. The reason why you are only allowed to select variables which are defined in the IIH Essentials, is that you need historical data for your network training, therefore the variables have to be saved in the IIH Essentials. This communication between Anomaly Detection and IIH Essentials is implemented via the Rest API interface.