Performance Insight app stopped sync user accounts

After upgrade the IEVD version to V1.16.1, the Performance Insight application stopped sync user accounts and permissions. Is there any fix to this bug?   IEVD V1.16.1 Performance Insight V1.16.1
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Dear Mr. Soarez,


I wanted to let you know that this is a known limitation and we are working on a solution.


In the meantime, there is this workaround:

Currently, if you need to create or modify a dashboard, you must do so using the "admin" user (logging in the edge device with the username and password that was used during device initial setup). Other users will only have "read-only" permissions.


This temporary measure guarantees an additional level of security and control over the creation and modification of dashboards.


We thank you for your patience and assure you that this issue will be resolved in the next updates.


If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your understanding and for being a valued customer.


Hi, Curiel

Thank you for your time


-IEVD before upgrade: ievd-1.12.0-3-a


-Description: All users previously allowed to create and edit dashboards can only access with read permission now.    


OneDrive sharing log and example images of a user with a co-admin profile but when accessing Performance Insight it states read-only authorization.    No error messages or alerts on the screen.