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Transfering the Question from Siemens Xcelerator Community by Saad Ahmad:   Hi, I am developing and application for deploying on a siemens industrial edge device. The application includes a backend server (in Django) and a frontend UI (in react). I have packaged the application with an NGINX server with proxy_pass for the backend. Here is the simplified architecture:     So when running on a server I can reach the backend at http://myserver/api which I can set as the base URL for all my API calls (using Axios) from the UI to my backend. Now when publishing my Industrial Edge Manager what should I set as my base URL? What would be the server address for the application when deployed on the industrial edge device? Is there a default address for the NGINX server running on the industrial edge device? I hope I have articulated the question properly.    
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Hello saad.ahmad,


first of all, we have an application example to demonstrate how to properly configure our nginx reverse proxy that is embeded in the Industrial Edge Runtime. 

See how to use it here:


To communicate between two docker container you can have a look on our more comprehensive developer guide that demonstrate how to create multicontainer Edge application which are based on docker-compose.yml file.


In general if you use docker compose command to build your docker apps you can use the service name in the docker-compose.yml file as a DNS to communicatte with other containers in the same docker network.


Benefit of using our nginx sever is that we take care of the certificate handling for you so highly recomend to use it and also you can access your applicaton remotely from IEM on your IED.


For example here: To communicate with an MQTT broker you can use "mqtt-broker" instead of an IP address of the broker. docker-compose.yml