Connect to Databus with 3rd party MQTT Client

Hi,   Our customer Danone wants to connect to the databus from outside the edge device with a 3rd party MQTT Client. Is this supported?   We tried to connect with "MQTT Explorer" via IP and host name, but without success:    
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Hello Stefan,

the databus is only reachable internally from the Industrial Edge Device.

There is another app called external databus, which can be used for fullfilling your use case. You can configure that the external databus synchronizes the topics with the databus, if required. 


Please see the manual of the external databus:


To share the description from the manual:


The ​External Databus​ allows you to connect remote clients to the IED over MQTT. The data pushed to ​External Databus​ is pushed to ​Databus ​on the configured topics​ ​and is available to be consumed by other apps within the IED if it is configured to operate this way.


​The ​External Databus ​consists of the following two components:

  1. ​Databus Configurator ​in Industrial Edge Management:

    ​Databus Configurator​ in IEM includes user interface for configuring​ Databus​ and ​External Databus​ called ​Databus​ ​Configurator​ and ​External Databus Configurator​ respectively. Hence, ​Databus​ ​Configurator​ has to be installed on IEM to be able to configure ​External Databus​ of the corresponding IED.

  2. ​External Databus​:

    ​The ​External Databus​ is a distributed application that runs on the individual Industrial Edge Device.