ARM64: really needed to have different App IDs/names for arm64 and x86_64?

by mistake I discovered, that the IEM can manage to have the same application (same name, id and repo name) with multiple platforms, see here:     Does this mean it is already supported to have Apps which only differ in their --platform setting or is this only partly supported?    
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Hi Michael,


you are right, the platform itself is capable of it but from a commercial perspective we have decided to have separate applications for now.


Please let us know if your customers demand a different approach.


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from my understanding that would still be two applications, e.g. in the IEM sideloading both apps have to be uploaded separately and for the installation you can only choose the IEDs for which you have the matching architecture in the IEM.


The building and management of the App would be less trouble, e.g. we had to change many places and rewrite our complete build pipelines to make that work.


For the customer it would also be easier than having to deal in the UI with lists like this:




I could still be sold separately