IEM 1.5.2-4 Run out of Disk Space

My IEM stop working, when I check it, it displays an Error that mentions that the Hard Disk is full and it is not possible to start again the VM.  Any ideas of what can be wrong or what can I do fix this problem?      
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Hi Abel,

The optimal solution here would be to restore any previously taken backup image of your IEM. A recommended alternative is to add extra disk storage; however, be aware that this may not work seamlessly, as you still need to log in to the UI and activate the newly added disk. You can find instructions on how to add more space to your IEM in this link:


Another option is to attempt to expand the current hard disk of your IEM and see if it resolves the issue, but I cannot guarantee its effectiveness. For future reference, consider allocating more disk space for your IEM in advance and pay attention to warning signals triggered by the IEM. Additionally, note that the IEM requires a minimum of 16 GB RAM. Further information about the minimum system requirements can be found here:


Best regards,