Is it possible to develop plugins for EDGE?

Hello, As I mentioned in the title, is it possible to develop a plugin for edge that other developers can use? If possible, where can I find documentation regarding this? Also, is there a store to offer this developed plugin?
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Hello Özgür,


Can you please explain a bit more what do you mean with developed Plugins ? What is the added functionality of this plugin?


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Users will need some things when developing applications in Edge. Some that come to my mind are icon set, advanced graphics, database connection, etc. There are many more. Is it possible to offer these to the user as a plug-in/extension through a store?


For example, I can give an example like this: There is an open source ERP solution called Dolibarr. Dolibarr also has a store. This store sells add-ons to ERP. For example; notification, sms, data export etc.


Is there a similar store on the Egde platform?


Hello Özgür,


Anybody can develop their custom Industrial Edge applicaiton using our Industrial Edge App Publisher and then use these apps on edge devices. From what you call a plugin, today we use just another Industrial Edge app that provides functionalities to other applications. 


For example we offer an Modbus TCP Connector that integrates Modbus TCP protocol as data source to our central Industrial Information Hub app. You can purchase this connector on our marketplace here


Note that today, there is a selection process who can and cannot publish apps to our marketplace. See documentation here.


Hope this helps. :)