WinCC OE - 2.1.0 - Multilanguage Switch Bug/Issue

Hi We have a commitment to provide multiple languages for a project in WinCC Unified (v2.1.0) on Industrial Edge. I have done everything i think is correct-  activated the second language on Online Engineering, added translated text to Text & Graphics (in Languages and Resources), and used the Data Language switcher to try to edit labels and other text in a dashboard in different languages. HOWEVER, it seems that when i add text in a second language, WinCC only saves one and not the other. So when i switch the language at runtime, or if i close the screen in re-open, one of the language labels simply disappears and is blank.  I am certain the language switching to the correct LCID is working.  here is an example: LCID=1043 (nl-NL)   LCID=1033 (en-US):   The same happens in online engineering even if i have changed the text of the button in both en-US and nl-NL data languages. i close the screen and re-open, and one of them mysteriously disappears.    Please, if someone else has had an issue like this, can you please help, it is a major requirement for our client..   Thank you   Brij DI PA SW
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Hello Brij,


This issue is known and currently under investigation by the development team. I do not currently have an ETA for a fix, unfortunately. Regardless, I believe you are also scheduled for a meeting with Andreas regarding this issue, correct?

If so, could you update the post here with the results/conclusion for this meeting?