GaAdmin Account not Login in

We have a Mendix application that we are running in the cloud and the GaAdmin account works fine,   Once we push this to the Industrial Edge which connects to a local SQL Db the account says 'Incorrect Username or Password' but works fine locally and in acceptance.   I can see the SQL Db has been populated and has a connection to the App via the Industrial Edge as the tables are populated and the account appears under system:user, failed login attempts increment and after 3 attempts the account locks out as expected.   I dont understand why when pushed to the Industrial Edge does the account no longer work, we need to log into the app using this account to create our own access. 
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The newly created database will have your default admin, but it does not have the standard password. In a licensed cloud node, you would be able to change the admin password in the environment settings, but I am unsure if that is possible on IE.

As a workaround, you could enable demo users 


and then deploy again.

After that, copy the password for demo_administrator (Edit)



And you can log in with the demo_administrator user and create 1 real admin account.

Then switch off the demo users again and redeploy.