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Hi,   In my experience across multiple organizations the conversation around Industrial Edge expands quite quickly into questions around an organizations entire data architecture. I am simultaneously working with one organization who is working it into an entire AWS Sitewise implementation, another who wants to leverage it with Microsoft Fabric, and a third who wants to implement UNS with it.     I am curious what Siemens position is on the question "If the adoption of Industrial Edge catalyzed a much broader question about an organizations go forward data strategy, what would Siemens want to use? If I had to guess I would say Sitewise Siemens to be the "most" integrated. Also I am curious. WinCC on Edge seems orphaned right now, the best advice I have gotten is to implement the engineering using TIA portal but make sure that I adhere to the limitations of Industrial Edge WinCC Runtime, whatever that means since I feel like I am guessing at what has been implemented in the WINCC on edge runtime.
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Hi Eastman,


with WinCC Unified RT for Industrial Edge we enable our state-of-the-art HMI / visualization system "WinCC Unified" for our Industrial Edge platform to visualize the data either directly gathered from the field or the data directly generated on the Industrial Edge Device with your IE-apps with a low code engineering approach and rounded off by the benefits of Industrial Edge.


The Engineering will be done in TIA Portal. We will provide a Hardware Support Package soon to bring our Unified RT for Industrial Edge into the TIA-Hardware catalog. Please reach out to your local siemens representative to get more information about the planned release date. 



Hi Caleb,


building on the feedback about WinCC, I also want to add some bullet points from an Industrial Edge Ecosystem perspective. We as Industrial Edge provide the basis for data aggregation and orchestration close to the shopfloor and inside the factory. Thats our core strenght. The integration of other cloud/IT services is easily possible due to the openness and/or simplified by existing integration such as AWS IoT SiteWise, IIH with InsightsHub. We already have for these cloud and IT layers the right app provider in place. An overall architecture is a customer-specific decision based on the requirements and our consulting. The advantage with Industrial Edge starts in the shopfloor to use the data and a subset of these data can be opened for higher laying use cases. As an example you should check out what the colleauges of IIH are doing with their SDK, Asset Administration Shell, Mendix Interface. If you have any good ideas or specific demands, please share them with me. All the points mentioned are on my desk and we are working in every direction to provide the various and best fitting solutions to our customers.. The community should always influence our work. Therefore I just can thank you.