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Hi all, is there a way to easily check the IEM Pro installed version?   This is a screenshot of the scope-of-delivery page that is included in the latest release notes.   I can check the IEM OS (software) version in the IE Hub -> IEM instances tab -> IEMA column (I don't know why this column has an abbreviation "IEMA" in a header, though) and the IEM Application (IEMA) version in the IE management itself under the info icon in the management UI right upper corner. But where I can find the version of the IEM Pro itself (e. g. version 1.6.8 in the latest scope-of-delivery).   IEM OS version:   IEM Application version:     Best regards, Petr
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Thanks for the question and feedback.

We already recognized the difficulties with the different versions and naming.

The following will be improved in the next release scheduled for August:

  • IE Hub column name will be changed.
  • IEM UI shows only one version. It will be the same as in all other documentation.